Every person is the hero in their own life’s journey. The coaching programmes and courses support personal insights, growth and transformation to new levels.

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Health & Wellbeing.
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Backed by decades of front line experience in preventative mental healthcare & physical healthcare, psychiatry, research, national senior leadership & professional coaching.



Bespoke, expert consultation, to consider the areas of mental health and wellbeing of your workforce, leadership development coaching, or health and wellbeing coaching


Leadership Development

Acquire the mindset and skills to grow and transform, in order to move to your next levels. Tap into your authentic inner power to achieve the outcomes you aspire to.


Health & Wellbeing

Transformational medically-based wellbeing programs for teams, business leaders and entrepreneurs. Tailored for your business, your team and your life.

leadership development

Courses for Leaders & Teams

Find the ideal resources to attain insights and skills, which enable optimisation of your health, wellbeing and potential.


This coaching program has helped me to overcome aspects of myself that I had wrangled with for over 30 years. Inevitably in helping me to understand myself better and giving me tools to deal with different situations, my performance at work has improved and my professional self has developed. I would absolutely recommend this coaching to others, particularly if you know there are things in yourself which are holding you back.

Mrs A M

Deputy Operations Director,
National Charity

Sri was warm and welcoming. She asked me a range of thought provoking questions and used great exercises to connect me to my emotions and values. She helped me feel safe to articulate some things that are a bit of a vulnerability and helped me to develop an action plan that was realistic and actionable. I got even more than I expected. It’s given me a bit of a reset and a needed boost in motivation and self-belief. 

Dr A J
Senior NHS Consultant

Excellent and helpful process. Sri was an amazing listener and helped me come to very important and powerful realisations that undoubtedly will help on my way to achieving my career goals, that thanks to her, I was able to clearly identify. Sri is an excellent and capable coach. I would highly recommend her! I know she will go on to help many more people and they’ll be lucky to have a coach like Sri.

Dr N A

Senior NHS Consultant Psychiatrist and Academic – Visting Senior Clinical Lecturer


Our Mission: The Health and Wellbeing Club exists to empower you to thrive in every aspect of your life, using best evidence and practice, to enable a deeply fulfilled life of impact