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The idea for The Health And Wellbeing Club came about in 2016, with the wish for everyone to be able to live their optimal life. Our founder had herself, as a national senior clinical leader, installed many of the evidence based methods to enable optimal happiness, performance, fulfilment and impact. Seeing how it is possible to improve one’s life significantly with the right evidence based information, mindset and support and enabling many others to also do the same, our founder, set about developing coaching programmes and courses, which enable this shift. Drawing on a variety of scientific techniques – ranging from psychiatry, to medicine, to lifestyle and behavioral change sciences – we work with you and your teams, to achieve your work and life goals. Unleashing your true self and genius, to create deeply fulfilled lives of impact.

By doing so, elevating not only your own life, but that of your teams and organisation, for the betterment and sustainability of our world.


About Dr Sri

Kalidindi C.B.E


Dr Sri is a Leadership, Executive and Life Coach, Consultant Psychiatrist, National NHS Clinical Leader, Ex-Associate Medical Director, Board Trustee, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mum of two.

Alongside treating patients and leading her own teams, she has been involved in co-creating national mental health policy, national service redesign and improvement, setting national mental health training standards (for psychiatrists in training and also for the whole health and care workforce), co-organising International conferences, research and more.

Having worked at a national level on improving the health and wellbeing of the workforce for a number of years, this took a very personal turn for her, when she found herself a few years ago, as a senior high performing leader, on the brink of burnout. Coaching and a range of other evidence based methods helped her to turn this around and optimise her own resilience and performance. In turn, this has enabled her to better support the people and teams that she leads, improving the quality of care and experience for patients, as well as those she coaches. The coaching programmes and courses here, are optimally impactful as they are evidence based as well as being infused with personal experience and delivered by a professional clinician, with an enormous depth and breadth of skill.


Royal College of Psychiatrists, ‘Psychiatrist of the Year, 2017-18’. Honoured with a C.B.E. by Her Majesty the Queen in 2019.
Holder of a national Clinical Excellence Award.

Dr. Sri Kalidindi


Our Mission: The Health and Wellbeing Club exists to empower you to thrive in every aspect of your life, using best evidence and practice, to enable a deeply fulfilled life of impact.

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We will work with you and your teams, to not just fix the symptoms of today. Come away from our courses and programmes, experiencing positive change that will endure for you and your team’s entire lives. Feel confident in the direction that you want to take your lives in, and gain clarity in what has to be done to get there. Your potential expands as you move towards it.

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